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• Cracked Driveway
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All-Rite Asphalt Sealcoating’s asphalt repair services have helped thousands of homeowners, business owners, property managers, and other individuals. After some research, we’re confident you’ll find us to be the right seal coating company to handle your driveway or parking lot projects.


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Parking Lot And Driveway Seal Coating

Sealcoating is one of the premier parking lot and driveway repair services we offer here at All-Rite Asphalt Seal Coating Corp. We use only the highest quality sealcoating products available on your project. We take the time to make sure that proper preparation of your parking lot or driveway is always done before applying any sealcoating materials to your asphalt. This includes cleaning the parking lot with our power-blowing system, and removing the debris to the trash, and not your planters.

We also can assist you in planning annual schedules for sealcoating and asphalt maintenance, to make the overall management of your facility easier. An annual contract service agreement can lock in savings on both sealcoating cost, and labor. Ask about our annual service contracts and start saving today!


Benefits of


Saves You Money


Prolongs Pavement Life


Slows Oxidation


Prevents Water Penetration


Curb Appeal

Best Time For Seal Coating:

Spring, Summer, Fall


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Seal Coating • Patching • Crack Filling

Residential & Commercial

Seal Coating Extends The Life Of Your Driveway Or Parking Lot

Asphalt Seal coating remains a cost-effective and reliable option for protecting and maintaining the life of the asphalt surfaces around your home or business. Sealing your pavement will not only protect your investment, but will make your asphalt look brand new, help the surface to resist oil, gasoline and other chemicals, and extends the life of your asphalt driveway, parking lot, walkway or private road.

The seal coating contractors at All-Rite Asphalt Sealcoating know from experience that completely replacing your driveway, parking lot, or road is not always an option. Fortunately, our asphalt sealcoating and crack filling professionals can help you preserve the look, function, and longevity of your asphalt surface without the costs of a full replacement.

Regular crack filling and sealcoating of your pavement or existing asphalt surface will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs and resurfacing costs.

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Benefits of Sealcoating Your Driveway or Parking Lot

  1. Saves You Money – The skyrocketing cost of new asphalt makes sealcoating more cost-effective than ever before. For just pennies per square foot you can protect your asphalt against the harmful elements that lead to its deterioration.
  2. Prolongs Pavement Life – Routine Maintenance (proper crack sealing and sealcoating) can double the life of your asphalt.
  3. Slows Oxidation – Slows oxidation and damage from the sun’s harmful rays. The sun causes the essential oils and binders to dry out which makes the asphalt brittle and more susceptible to cracking.
  4. Prevents Water Penetration – Weather-proofing agents repel water – the number one enemy of asphalt. Asphalt is naturally porous; left unsealed, water will penetrate through the pores and cracks and disturb the base – eventually leading to failure of the pavement.
  5. Improves Appearance – First impressions of your home or place of business are greatly enhanced with a deep, rich, satiny black finish.

Testimonials From Happy Customers

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“Its rare nowadays to find a business that not only takes pride in their work but cares enough about the customer, they really want to provide quality. This place is no exception and really went above and beyond to do a quality job sealing my driveway to making my property priority. I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking for a reputable local business.”

Mathew L. — Boston, MA

“We hired All-Rite to work on our commercial property. They did a professional job in all their areas of work from start to finish. The parking​ lot had multiple cracking issues, areas that had holes and heaves that had to be patched. Also,​ seal coated the whole lot and re-painted the parking lines. Our building now looks fantastic, we are very pleased with the outcome.”


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