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All-Rite Asphalt Sealcoating’s asphalt repair services have helped thousands of homeowners, business owners, property managers, and other individuals. After some research, we’re confident you’ll find us to be the right asphalt repairs company to handle your driveway or parking lot projects.


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Asphalt Repairs — Driveway, Walkway, Parking Lots

While asphalt remains one of the most durable and cost-effective surfaces, there is nothing you can do to prevent your asphalt driveway, parking lot, road or walkway from wear and tear over time — resulting in cracks, holes, or settling.

The asphalt patch and repair experts at All-Rite Asphalt Sealcoating can fix any asphalt surface and return it to its original form and function. Our experienced professionals take pride in their ability to handle a wide range of asphalt patch and repair projects, including driveways, roads, Parking lots, drains, curbs, sealcoating, crack filling, parking lot striping, and pavement marking. Whether you need asphalt repair work on your home or business, our knowledgeable craftsman can handle every detail of your asphalt repair project from start to finish, and they will complete your job on time and on budget!

Benefits of
asphalt Repairs:


Saves You Money


Avoid Repaving


Seal Cracks From Further Damage


Prevents Water Penetration


Curb Appeal

Best Time For Asphalt Repairs:

Spring, Summer, Fall


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Without Asphalt Repairs Today — Erosion and Cracks Tomorrow.

Constant exposure to sun and rain is asphalt’s greatest enemy. Oxidation from the sun causes shrinkage and separation of the asphalt surface. Once that happens, rainwater will penetrate the pavement subsurface and soften it. Without prompt attention, areas around the pavement will also begin to fail. As a result of increased oxidation, the main crack will only get larger.

The result: cracks, potholes, and costly repairs. 

Crack repairs and sealing from All-Rite Asphalt Sealcoating will prevent the deterioration of the subbase pavement from infiltration of water and debris. The thorough cleaning of affected areas and the application of crack sealant will prevent further erosion of the surface and damage to the structural support of the pavement. Crack filling material is designed to expand and shrink allowing for year-round performance. By sealing cracks early you can extend the life of your pavement considerably and prevent more costly repairs.

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Hot Rubber Crack Filling & Sealing

At All-Rite Asphalt Sealcoating, the hot rubber is scraped out by hand and allowed to cool, sealing the crack and protecting it from water penetration and freeze/thaw damage. The specialized rubber remains pliable in harsh winter temperatures, resisting splitting and further degradation. There are no viable do-it-yourself options for high-quality crack filler. The ‘joint’ is the gap that develops between the asphalt and adjacent concrete and is very susceptible to water damage. This seam is filled in a similar process. A hot air lance with a stream of air at 2,000 degrees and 90 cubic feet per minute may be used to prep the crack.

Pavement cracks are the result of water seeping into the base/sub-base of your pavement, freezing and expanding repeating during Massachusetts’s cold winters. Your pavement cracks will eventually lead to potholes, which are more expensive to fix and cause more damage to your base/sub-base. The only way to stop this cycle is with professional crack filling and sealcoating. Our asphalt repair services are designed to extend the life of your pavement and protect your investment.

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“Its rare nowadays to find a business that not only takes pride in their work but cares enough about the customer, they really want to provide quality. This place is no exception and really went above and beyond to do a quality job sealing my driveway to making my property priority. I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking for a reputable local business.”

Mathew L. — Boston, MA

“We hired All-Rite to work on our commercial property. They did a professional job in all their areas of work from start to finish. The parking​ lot had multiple cracking issues, areas that had holes and heaves that had to be patched. Also,​ seal coated the whole lot and re-painted the parking lines. Our building now looks fantastic, we are very pleased with the outcome.”


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